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Letter from Carmen Villani '76

This was part of a discussion on the : I think we should re-post this on our website and FB page Carmen Villani Here are some reasons that I can think of. The BOV ignored the words on the Parapet. In times of “deepest peril,” they chose to acquiesce, not "defend." Instead of looking at our commonality of “honorable youths,” they chose diversity. Inclusiveness centered on the 4 year experience that builds character no longer seems to be sufficient. Instead of “you may be whatever you resolve to be” equality, they opted for equity. When the “Institute will be heard from today” was needed to combat media attacks, they remained silent. Finally, the Alumni Association that either ignored or seemed to give lip service to alumni providing a real concern for the Institute but, oh by the way, send us money. There were, however, alumni working hard to publicly defend VMI. Bob Morris ’79 filed a lawsuit alleging that the Commonwealth of Virginia and the State Council of Higher Education (SCHEV) had “Unlawfully awarded (contract to Barnes & Thornburg) in violation of the Virginia Public Procurement Act.” I don’t believe his efforts have been all that well received at VMI. As cadets, it is safe to say that Bob tried to avoid me as much as possible because he was a Rat when I was President of the Honor Court. As alumni though, I am honored to have gotten to know him because he has been committed to looking out for the best interest of VMI, not his own despite what some may think. See: Then there is Matt Daniel ’85 with his Spirit of VMI PAC effort. He gave a great interview on WRVA radio out of Richmond defending VMI and discussing his PAC’s effort to change the landscape of the State Legislature that will protect VMI, not destroy it. VMI has kept their distance. His PAC is at: The third effort was the Protect Honor/Defend VMI petition. Despite efforts by the Alumni Association to prevent awareness of this petition to fellow Alumni, we still managed 624 endorsements. Combine that with the effort to invite parents of former and current cadets, family members and friends to support the petition (68), the total increases to 692. To those who have supported us, THANK YOU! To those that would like to do so now, here is the link:… One final thought goes to the Class of 2021. CONGRATULATIONS on “pressing up the hill of science with noble emulation”; you are a “gratifying spectacle, an honor to our country and state”; you are “objects of honest pride” to those who love you; you are “fine specimens of citizen-soldiers”!!! God Bless each of you!
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