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  • Are the books audited?
    As a legal entity, an official and legal PAC, we have a reporting schedule we have to follow.
  • Are the officers paid?
    No. We are all volunteers. We have a BoD that are 12-strong (and growing a bit) that are talented and dedicated to our mission. They are doing it solely because they believe in the cause. We do fund a CRM system that includes financial officer support to ensure we maintain audited and legal books.
  • Who will this PAC support?
    Our mission is to work by positive messaging and engagement. However, if strategy demands it, it may mean some level of support to create vulnerability for particularly undesirable candidates.
  • Where do donations go?
    Donations go, strategically, to political candidates who support VMI and will help to tilt the balance of legislative decision making and issues-support that are important to the preservation of VMI. Effectively, our mission and objectives are to stop the decay of VMI caused by outside legislative influence. How we disburse the funds will result from political consultation we have with seasoned politicians and operatives and a function of the size of our war chest. We have a long way to go, but we have a pretty strong start.
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