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VMI Must Not Veer Off-Track

For Immediate Release

Monday 16 May 2022

The Spirit of VMI rejects the accusation that VMI is systemically racist and sexist. VMI’s systems of honor, discipline, and unity must be strengthened, not weakened during these challenging and divisive times.

Lexington VA- A school of approximately 1700 men and women, Virginia Military Institute punches above its weight class, contributing disproportionally to the Commonwealth, the Nation and the World. VMI develops young men and women from various backgrounds through a time-proven method. This method includes: the Honor System, the Class System, the Regimental (military) System, the Rat System and of course, a rigorous academic curriculum. VMI demands grit, resolve and persistence and provides a unifying challenge, a unique value-proposition for young people with aspirations of developing into responsible citizens and well-prepared citizen-soldiers. This method creates enduring bonds among classmates and alumni. VMI is hard, but it is fair and it is worth it.

There is no question: VMI is and has always been, good.

The Spirit of VMI rejects any notion or accusation of racism or discrimination claimed to be systemic at VMI.

Here is why:

1. Such a claim is devoid of credible evidence. It was levied by politicians trying to foment their base.

2. These politicians paid a politically active, out-of-state firm $1MM to manufacture a desired impression.

3. The current Superintendent of VMI is on record in Virginia Business magazine, saying facts do not support the allegations of institutional racism at VMI.

4. Statistics show that minority and URP (under-represented populations) enrollment, military commissions, and graduate earning records (young alumni jobs and pay) are all in positive territory.

It is in the nature and history of VMI to evolve, ensuring an ever-improving, better institution. However it is wrong and harmful to coerce The Institute to veer off-track, forcing unnecessary changes to its method and core principles using unwarranted allegations of systemic discrimination and/or modern relativism. VMI’s systems of honor, discipline, and unity must be strengthened, not weakened during these challenging and divisive times. VMI must not veer off-track. VMI must maintain its value-proposition: HARD-FAIR-GOOD: WORTH IT!

The Spirit of VMI welcomes all who seek the VMI challenge. This unique experience is worth preserving for future generations. VMI is GOOD – Always has been!

Approved for release by The Spirit of VMI Political Action Committee.

Contact The Spirit of VMI by visiting our website at or email


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