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The Spirit Speaks: Ian Shapira Prepares Attack on SOVP Chairman

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For Immediate Release

Ian Shapira Prepares Attack on SOVP Chairman

Washington Post Columnist Continues Quest for Pulitzer at VMI’s Expense

Lexington, Virginia 17 February 2023

With an emailed request for statement verification to SOVP Chairman Matt Daniel this week, Washington Post Columnist Ian Shapira signaled his intention to publish yet another piece in defense of the political jihad that damaged the traditional VMI education. From the tone of his email, which smacks of a Stalinist struggle session and instructed a two-day window for responses, Shapira requests comments and explanations from Matt about Matt’s history, his family (including his ancestors), and opinion expressed in statements, social media posts, and presentations, among other topics.

Shapira also displays some of his own moral judgment, rhetorically baiting Matt with suggestions that those who criticize George Soros are anti-semitic and that a rival media source with a growing subscribership is a source of misinformation.

The email content in its entirety can be read in the link below.

Full Email

What is obvious from the tone, type, and number of questions is that Mr. Shapira will soon do his part to lose the next half-million Washington Post subscribers. He will try to doxx and cancel another VMI Alumnus who has attempted to freely speak and react to to the corrosive actions of the Northam Administration.

SOVP will not be slowed or intimidated by weaponized journalism, and stands behind Matt Daniel, who will not be canceled. No one who knows and appreciates Matt as a man will turn away from him because of more pious virtue signaling from a would-be

Beltway overlord who has no comprehension of the true VMI, or the traditional Corps who were forged into leaders and examples by the Institute’s unsurpassed ethos, traditions, and ever-challenging crucible.

It is Ian Shapira who is exposed.

Founded in 2021, the Spirit of VMI PAC is a registered Virginia Political Action Committee whose purpose is to restore VMI’s reputation as an elite leadership institution.

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