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The Spirit of VMI responds to CNN/Southern Poverty Law Center Podcast

For Immediate Release

17 June 2022

“Sounds Like Hate” podcast smears VMI Alumni and misquotes SOVP Chairman

Lexington VA- With its podcast "Sounds Like Hate," CNN and the Southern Poverty Law Center have again projected their sanctimonious political opinion by labeling Virginia Military Institute alumni as racists, while tilting at the windmills of imaginary white supremacy on Post (campus). Although the Spirit of VMI PAC Chairman, Matt Daniel twice-declined to participate in an interview or speak with the podcast’s staff of story-tellers, the release includes out-of-context quotes of Daniel from other venues. Such chicanery of fiction underscores why Daniel refused the interview with CNN / SPL Center narrative-creator, Jordan Gasse-Poore.

The SOVP condemns, in the strongest terms possible, this podcast and all other Cultural Marxist attempts to erase American history in the name of their special and most-destructive brand of hatred for our country.

The Spirit of VMI PAC is a registered Virginia Political Action Committee and was founded in 2021. Its purpose is to preserve VMI’s legacy and its continued contribution to the state and the nation as an elite leadership institution during this time of political and cultural unrest. “VMI is Good."

Approved for release by The Spirit of VMI Political Action Committee.

Contact The Spirit of VMI by visiting our website at or email


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