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Restore the Order!

The Spirit of VMI Political Action Committee (SOVP) was founded in 2021 with the goal to preserve VMI’s reputation as an elite leadership institution. As a registered Virginia PAC, SOVP is uniquely positioned to lead the fight to eliminate Critical Race Theory and other extremist ideologies at VMI by identifying its implementation, limiting its funding and working with elected officials to ensure that VMI remains focused on ensuring that all cadets receive the VMI experience.

A short list of SOVP’s accomplishments during its impactful first year include:

  • Built a successful strategy to select and endorse Virginia Executive Branch and General Assembly candidates who support VMI and its legacy

  • Created a donor base of VMI Alumni, Family, Friends and other ideological supporters

  • Established a close working relationship with newly-elected officials

  • Successfully lobbied the House of Delegates to secure a considerable reduction in requested DEI funds (special request from VMI for additional DEI appropriations of $6.2M)

  • Secured assurances from the Governor’s staff that budgeted funds would not be spent on DEI initiatives

  • Successfully selected and promoted the appointment of two members of VMI’s Board of Visitors

  • Deployed social media, podcasts, webinars, blogs, print, and radio media communications outlets

  • Joined and worked with organizations that promote freedom of speech, thought and expression on college campuses nationally

SOVP is leading the fight to restore and preserve the Institute’s proven methods, and this is a critical year. Many financial, operational and organizational rubrics must be added in preparation for key fall Virginia General Assembly action and the 2023 election.

Please consider adding your moral and financial support to our cause as we launch our Restore the Order campaign. While your contribution would not be tax-deductible, it likely could not be put to better use than the fight against the continued cultural and moral decay of Virginia’s post-secondary educational environment.

Yours in the Bonds,

Matt Daniel, Chairman

Donor Levels

Please review the donor levels below. If interested in becoming a donor, please email THANK YOU in advance for your support in restoring the order!

$100 - Member - SOVP hat and coin, Quarterly Newsletters, Invitations to selected events, action updates and other communications

$500 - Patron - Member perks plus Press Releases and Statements copies, a subscription to The Cadet newspaper, and invitations to strategy updates by the SOVP leadership

$1,000 - Council - Member and Patron perks plus VIP seating and cocktail mixers with invited guests and speakers at selected events, and invitations to strategic planning sessions

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